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Simulator proposal

$ 209,12 (VAT excluded)

  • *Budget

    What is your available budget for the complete setup (pc, screens, ... included) ?

    • $
    *Simulator type

    What kind of simulator layout do you want?

    • $
    Extra information

    Are there any specific needs?
    Do you have limited place, do you already own a good gaming pc, ...

    • $


Road 2 Formula will put together the best value simulator for your budget.
With a little bit of input from your side, we will search exactly what you need.
What will be included in our calculations:

  • simulator rig (which holds the rest of the equipment)
  • racing seat (according to your liking)
  • pedals
  • wheelbase & steering wheel
  • computer
  • software
  • (simracing gear like simracing gloves)


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